Why Hire A Social Media Marketing Company

Facebook, Google +, and Twitter are vital communication tools to help keep your church body updated as well as an incredible tool to invite your community who otherwise are not familiar with your church. Worldwide, there are over 1.86 billion active Facebook users in 2017 which is a 17 percent increase over last year today. What this means for your church: Facebook is too big to ignore.

Many churches are still lacking in developing a basic, consistent plan for their Social Media Marketing. Social Media Marketing relies heavily on repetition.

While a great deal of churches has harnessed the effectiveness of using Social Media Marketing inside the walls of their church, because of the complexity, and changing nature of online marketing, they could use help extending their reach outside their church walls.

Facebook Targeting Features

1. Geo-Targeting. 
2. Demographic, interests of behavior targeting. 
3. People who like specific pages.
4. Friends of people who like your page.
5. Target by email List. 

Facebook Campaign Types

- Promote your church's Facebook page. 
Send people to your church's website.
- Boost a Facebook post such as a sermon series.
Retarget those people who have visited your website.
- Post an event you may be having at the church.


Top 5 Reasons to Use an Agency for your Social Media Marketing.

1. To make sure it gets done. Face it, there is never enough time to get all the work done. Better to contract an outside agency that will keep your social media relevant and fresh

2. To analyze and refine. Social media marketing is not a "set it and forget it" marketing plan. It requires constant analyzation and tweaking to get the best results.

3. To get the best graphics. The performance of social media marketing ads is heavily driven by the quality and number of images. Churches often do not have the access or time to choose the best relevant images.

4. To use the best keywords and writing. Agencies have the experience to write strong ad copy with strong keywords.

5. To save money. Agencies have the reporting and data analysis capability to improve your results and eliminate costly ads.

Truth Advertising's social media marketing plans are designed with the church in mind. We have no setup fees, or no minimum contracts. You also the ability to promote with your own material such as a sermon series or event or relevant articles and posts related to the church.






1 Social Channels (Facebook) 2 Social Channels (Facebook & Twitter)
Monthly Engagement Calendar Creation Monthly Engagement Calendar Creation
8 Monthly Posts 15 Monthly Posts
$20 Monthly Paid Marketing Credits $40 Monthly Paid Marketing Credits
1 - Paid FB Campaign 2 - Paid FB Campaigns
1 - Geo-Targeting FB Targeted Ad Group 1 - Geo-Targeting FB Targeted Ad Group
Custom Content Creation 1 - FB Website Remarketing Campaign
In House Custom Graphics Custom Content Creation
Ability to Use Your Own Sermons and Events In House Custom Graphics
Ability to Buy Additional Credits Ability to Use Your Own Sermons and Events
Monthly Anaylitic Reports Ability to Buy Additional Credits
  Monthly Anaylitic Reports
Additional Add On Services Additional Add On Services
$49 Facebook Page Creation $25 Facebook Page Creation
$49 Twitter Page Creation $25 Twitter Page Creation
$49 Google + Page Creation $25 Google + Page Creation
No Contracts - Cancel Anytime No Contracts - Cancel Anytime

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