What Your Fellow Pastors are saying...

Truth Advertising,

Thanks for your help. God has really used both of our mailers. My wife and I met with a couple two weeks ago that were on the edge of separating and ending their marriage when the mailer came to their home. They said "we would have never know about your church and the invitation came at the right time." They were actually thanking us for inviting them and for the work that God was doing in their marriage. thanks again for all your help.

Pastor Mike,
Bayshore Baptist Church


We had a new record…we hit 585 yesterday. Wow.
Thanks for the Marketing Help.

Jeremy White Lead Pastor - Stone Water Church

It seems we’ve been experiencing a great response from our direct mail piece with you guys. In the last four months, between advertising, word-of-mouth and drive-by's, our weekly attendance has climbed from 450 to almost 700. We’re going to two Sunday morning services on Sept. 10 and adding another 100 parking spaces to our lot. Our membership classes are fuller than they’ve ever been.

Thanks for everything.
Roland Gilbert Communications Director - Firewheel Church

Hey, John. Just wanted to let you know that we had about 15 new Families Sunday from our parenting mailer and expect several more this week. We had 260 at our service, which is the most ever for Gateway. Thanks so much For

your help!

Blake – Gateway Community Church

Our Easter was the best ever. We were averaging around 190 and we had 240. We could tell that the quality of our ministries were raised by the Big Push and it seemed that people were going to be coming back by the talks we had in the lobby. For us it was a real success. It was the most I think we ever had in our 15 year history. I know we just have to start building momentum and will look to do this 2-3 times a year. The combination of paper and mailers together was important. I had several people in the community recognize me as the pastor of New Song. (I want Jesus glorified not me, but it is good to know they are recognizing the local church).

Thanks so much!!

Chris Phillips – New Song

We had a remarkable day, 1554 in both worship services combined.

Thanks for a job well done.

David Ummel - 1st Baptist of Plano

Easter turn out was amazing. We had about 25% first time visitors, and double our attendance on any given Sunday. The un addressed cards was a nice touch, we put them in the Palm Sunday bulletins and asked folks to send them to their un churched friends and neighbors. I have only good to report.

Peace,Steve Buchele - Foundation


Our mailer kicked butt….we had 400 people…prior to the mailer we had about 300.

Jeremy White - Lead Pastor, StoneWaterChurch

We had a good response on Sunday. Approx. 30% increase in attendance over a typical Sunday.

Thanks for your great work!

Pastor Chip Loop - PeoplesChurch of the Assemblies of God

Our total attendance was 622. We were not adequately prepared for such a large number. We should have planned 3 services, but being so new on this campus we felt that two services would adequately handle the number. Boy, were we wrong! The card will certainly have a “residual” effect, and I expect a continued flow of people to enter our doors over the next few weeks as a result of the card. Thanks for the excellent work you guys do. You’re a joy to work with.

Joe Carmichael - Community of Hope

We loved the mailers--everyone thought they were first class.

Ken Largent - Westwood Heights Baptist Church

John, your ministry for our Lord helped bring about 50 new people last Sunday. These are from the mailer, not friends or family.

Thank you for what you do,

Clay Hilton - Mid CitiesCommunityChurch

It went GREAT we had 550 in worship service. That is about 150 above our norm!

Thanks for all your work. They cards looked GREAT and everyone commented on receiving them.

Kathy Diaz - [email protected]

Your card definitely did the trick! We had over 600 people turn out for our Easter egg hunt and carnival. We gave away over 100 Bibles and ran out of prizes for games, paint for hair, and crafts for the kids (don't worry, it wasn't a bad thing. we didn't run out until the very end.)

The following Sunday we had more folks come than ever before and then on Easter Sunday we had even more than that.

It was an incredibly successful Easter!

Thanks so much!

Jana Wear - Light of the World UMC

Our last mailer you did for use brought in over 89 first time guests over the last 3 weeks . Great idea for the series, thanks.

Pastor Ryan Heller - Fellowship of Stonebridge

Our attendance went from 400 last year to 646 this year. After taking out people who attended multiple services we at 505 or about 25% higher than last year. We used the local newspaper and banners in front of the church as well as the mailer. Being new to this process, is 25% a decent increase or just average for a congregation of our size?

Thanks again for the mailer. It was very professionally done. We will be in touch about Christmas in the fall.

Best Regards,- David Thorne

We were up 40% on Easter. Some did not wait for Easter, we had some families who received the mailer check us out the week before (and then again on Easter). We estimate about a .5 % response to the mailer.

Harley - The Life Journey Church

Our last service went great...we saw results from the mail out, though We are not sure how many! We were up by over 100 people. Thanks a bunch for your help!

Thanks, Brandon Bachtel -Lake Highlands Baptist Church

This Easter, New Hope had the biggest attendance it has ever had. God really blessed!



Thanks for checking with us on our Easter services. The turn out was GREAT! Thanks for all of your patient help and assistance as you Worked with us on our Easter Mailer!! We received visitors as a direct Result of the mailer! We also received a lot of compliments on the graphic of the "little girl with curly hair" used on the front. Thanks again, John! We were very happy with your services!

Carol McNamee - Haggerstown

I just wanted to let you know that we had a great response from the postcards that you did for us. I don’t have an exact count yet of how many visitors came as a result of the postcards, but it seemed to be a very good turn out. In fact, I just wanted you to know, that I have had several churches and business people from our church call me and ask who designed the card because they absolutely loved it. I just want to say thank you for all the time and effort you spent with me over the phone and through e-mails, helping our church send out those postcards and getting them to the locations we wanted. Needless to say, God used the postcards in a great way in our community. Again, thank you for all your help!

God bless,

Kimberly Laughter - First Baptist Church Orange City

“From the time we began to use Truth in Advertising, our church has grown from 30 to 300 in just 2 years. Having TIA work with us is like having our own advertising agency...I would highly recommend their services to any church that wants to grow their attendance and be better stewards of their finances”.

Pastor Ryan Heller - Fellowship of Stonebridge

"We wanted you to know what a blessing and a pleasure it was to have TIA take care of our Christmas program flyers. We didn't know if it would be possible to get the info out in time, but you worked diligently and got them to us even quicker than promised. As a result 4 out of 6 services were sold out before the service, and we have had many visitors, and many of them making first time decisions for Christ. Your work has produced eternal fruit and we applaud your company for a job more than well done, a job with a SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE."

Pastor Ron Thomas - Faith Living Church

“Direct mail has always given us a dependable bang-for-the buck advertising media...We have done many mailing over the years with TIA. They have helped us establish strategic approaches to direct mailing, but more importantly the TIA prices can not be beaten. We query the industry before each mailing we do and TIA prices are the lowest in the industry. The TIA approach is 3 steps for us (1) approve the design (2) send the check (3) watch the response.”

Charles Lincoln - Christ Unveiled Ministries


I just wanted to touch base and say thanks for everything you folks have done for us. The second mailer arrived last week and we had another surge of visitors. I would conservatively estimate that 60 people have visited the church due to the mailers. We may pick up about 25 as regular attenders. It's been awesome, praise God!

The comments about the professional graphics have been many, in fact one large church down the street from us (Highmill Church of the Resurrection) contacted me about who we had design the mailer for us. I gave them your name and the website address. The ministry that you and those who work with you has been a great blessing from God to us. It's breathed excitement and new life into our church as we see all these searching new faces come walking through the doors.

Well, that was just an update and a chance for me to say thanks again. Have a blessed Easter, Charles, and we will be in touch again soon.

Peace, man.

Stu King
Celebration Worship Center


“By using Truth in Advertising, Prestonwood Christian Academy has been able to maximize the school’s advertising dollars... Because of the value and effectiveness of the advertising we have done with Truth In Advertising, this will remain a mainstay in our overall marketing plan. The postcard you sent for us was the number one way folks who shared the info with us, found out about the Fair – Thank You!!!”

Sharron Shaw, Director of Admissions - Prestonwood Christian Academy

“Our experience with Truth in Advertising has been exceptional! They have always delivered on time, and exceeded our expectations! They manage costs very well which allows us to make contact with more folks. Direct mail has been a great source of attracting new visitors and letting those who are new to the community know about what God is doing at RockPointe..”

Brian Blendon - Rockpointe Church

"Truth in Advertising is just that: a company with integrity, honesty and truthfulness. They are a joy to work with - professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone looking to reach their community for Christ."

Karen - Fellowship of the Metroplex

“I've known Bill since he was part of planting the church in 1989. We've gone from 15 to over 4,000 attending and Bill's marketing help has played a major role in that growth. This is the real deal. Take advantage of these services.”

Pastor George Feiser, Grace Community Church

“The cost savings on our last mail piece was so great, I was worried the quality of printing would be less than the best. Truth in Advertising came through by providing both the best print quality and the best price". I highly recommend TIA to any church needing the highest quality marketing at the lowest cost

Pastor Chris Vaughn, The New Bridge Church

“The pieces we have sent out through Truth in Advertising bring in many new people and have saved our church lots of money. We are very happy with all TIA has done to help us and we would urge you to take advantage of their work as well.”

Pastor Jack Hawkins, Canyon Springs

“I thought TIA would be too expensive... TIA was not only the least expensive.....but also the most helpful. The pieces have yielded great contact with unchurched people. I would recommend TIA to anyone.”

Pastor Dale Green, Crossroads Community Church

We had over 300 new first time guest this last series. Unbelievable. Thanks.

Jeremy White Lead Pastor - StoneWaterChurch