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If you have browsed our site, you probably noticed by now that we don't publish our prices for direct mail on our site. There are a couple of reasons for that.


One. Postage goes up 2x's a year, and paper prices go up and down. We move with the industry to always get you the best price. 

Two. We don't want it all to be about price. I think we have sold ourselves into the "prime" world where we want everything right now at the cheapest price. Sadly, service and value have suffered. 

In a nutshell. We are about the same price, if not lower than most direct mail providers while giving you a better product and better service.

We won't show you a low printing price only to hit you with extra design fees and expedited trucking charges at the end to fit your timeline. The price we quote is the price you pay.

We’ll guarantee your timely delivery at the price we quote, and you’ll have your marketing consultant who will work with you to target your audience, design an effective ad that represents your church, and whom you can reach any time to check the status of your order.

We Do MORE...


TAILORED Designs to Your Church Demographics

PERSONAL LIVE 1-on-1 Service

FASTEST Turn Around Time in the Industry

NONPROFIT Postage Rates

NO Extra Charge for RUSH Orders

• Complete Area DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILES & Mapping

LARGER Standard Cards than the Competition

THICKER Standard Card Stock than the Competition

• Over 100 5 Star REVIEWS from Actual CHURCHES

Use the form below to get a custom quote!
Or give us a call, we would love to chat with you. 1-888-359-1370

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