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Is your Church Paying Too Much for Postage? Get Rates as Low as 11.5 cents.

The US Postal Service has a special postage rate for churches, which allows them to pay just 11.5 cents per piece. In addition, by using Truth Advertising to handle your mailing, your church does not need to purchase a permit for $325, or renew your permit for $225 each year.

HOW: Through a nonprofit ghost mailing permit that Truth Advertising applies for on your behalf.

WHAT IS NEEDED: To mail at nonprofit rates your church must be qualified for with the USPS as a nonprofit entity. The process is easy and takes about 2 weeks and is free.



1. Download and complete Form 3624 from the link to your left.

2. Once you have all the necessary paperwork, call your local post office and ask which branch handles the bulk mail in your area.

3. Call that office and ask specifically if they use PostalOne! This is an electronic processing system designed for business mailings. (You must work through a branch that uses PostalOne! If the first branch you call doesn’t, find one that does.)

4. Gather all your paperwork and walk it into the post office. (You cannot mail these documents. You must deliver them in person.)

5. Meet with the bulk mail supervisor. Explain to him that you are applying for “Authorization to Mail as a Non Profit Organization”, which is a free service. You are not here to apply for a permit which is a paid service. If this confuses the bulk mail supervisor explain to him, that a 3rd party will be handling your mail under a nonprofit ghost permit.

6. The system should then generate a temporary authorization number. Ask for that number. This ensures that the process was completed properly. If you do not get a temporary authorization number, you will need to wait until you get one emailed to you.

6. The postal worker should sign and date page 3 of your Form 3624.

7. The post office must send your paperwork to the main office in New York. Ask the worker to please send it that same day. You should receive an email response within about two weeks. That’s it!


1. Log on to USPS and create a Business Account with USPS:

2. Once you create your business account, log into your new Business Customer Gateway

Choose the Mailing Services Tab:

3. Choose Postal Wizard

4. Choose 3624

5. Enter 75260 in the space provided for the zip code.

6. Complete the information - Check 01 Religious

7. Continue answering the questions online

8. Upload as many supporting documents as you are able and continue to complete the application.

Truth Advertising Makes It Easy

Getting your nonprofit mailing permit is the hardest part. Once you’ve been approved,

Truth Advertising handles the rest for you. We will clear your mail at our plant

in Dallas and truck to your local Sectional Postal Facility for fast processing.


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