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Let's Start Reaching the Lost in Your Community Together.





Complete the form below to start your project: Or call or text 1-888-359-1370

Please Read Below!

Truth Advertising’s New Neighbor Program is a monthly program. Once you agree your program will automatically continue each month until you cancel. You will receive an email the first week of each month with your new mover list and notification of your credit card being charged.

You may set a cap on your billing each month in the form below. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the New Neighbor program and wish to cancel, Truth Advertising will be happy to cancel your program. All cancellations require a written request by email requesting your wish to terminate this agreement 30 days prior to the next billing cycle.

Truth Advertising requires payment the first week of each month for New Neighbors campaigns. By completing this order form and accepting these terms and conditions you hereby give Truth Advertising permission to bill the credit card provided monthly for your New Neighbor marketing campaign indicated.

Truth Advertising makes every effort to ensure your lists are accurate and up to date. However, with any outside list source, there can be errors. Should you receive undeliverable cards back in the mail, simply notify your marketing consultant and we will credit your next month’s billing by the amount returned.

You may change your card design 2x’s per 12 months with no fees. Changes after such will be billed at $50.

POSTAL INCREASE: At times the US Post Office will raise its postage prices. These rates are beyond our control and any agreements made before this increase will be changed to reflect the new 1st class USPS rate.

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